Changi: Geography

11 March 2009

Changi District is located in the East Region. Changi District is bounded by Serangoon Harbour, Sungei Selarang, Loyang Way, Upper Changi Road North, Upper Changi Road East, Sungei Ketapang and Sungei Bedok to the west; Selat Johor to the north; and the Straits of Singapore to the east and south. It covers an area of approximately 9,367 hectares with an estimated population of 2,400 as of June 2011.

Changi District also administered Pedra Branca in the South China Sea.

Changi District comprises 4 Estates (Changi South, Changi North, Changi West, Changi Point) and 5 Sub-Districts (Changi Airport, Changi Bay, Pulau Tekong, Pulau Ubin and Pedra Branca). In total, Changi District is sub-divided into 13 neighbourhoods and 41 offshore villages.

Changi South Estate comprises 5 neighbourhoods, namely Expo, Changi Business Park, Changi South Industrial Estate, Xilin and Tanah Merah Coast.

Changi Airport Sub-District is divided into 3 neighbourhoods, namely Changi Airport, Changi Airport Cargo and Changi East.

Changi Bay Sub-District is divided into 2 neighbourhoods, namely Changi Bay and Changi Coast.

Pulau Ubin comprises 15 villages, namely Pulau Ubin Village, Kampong Jelutong, Ubin Lagoon, Ubin Central, Pulau Ketam, Ketam Quarry, Outward Bound School, Kekek Quarry, Kampong Noordin, Kampong Bahru, Kampong Mamam, Kampong Melayu, Pulau Sekudu, Kampong Chek Jawa and Chek Jawa Nature Reserve.

Pulau Tekong comprises 24 villages, namely Ladang Camp, Kampong Pahang, Kampong Salabin, Kampong Permatang, Pulau Tekong Reservoir, Kampong Pasir Merah, Kampong Unum, Kampong Sungei Belang, Kampong Ayer Samak, Kampong Ayer Samak Darat, Kampong Pasir, Kampong Pengkalan Pakau, Kampong Sanyongkong Parit, Kampong Sanyongkong, Rocky Hill Camp, Kampong Batu Koyok, Kampong Semenei, Pulau Tekong Kechil, Sanyongkong Reclaim Land, Pulau Tekong Reclaimation Area A (Pukau Tekong Kechil), Pulau Tekong Reclaimation Area B (Sajahat), Pulau Tekong Reclaimation Area C (Unum), Pulau Tekong Reclaimation Area D1 (Sanyongkong South) and Pulau Tekong Reclaimation Area D (Tekong Nose).

Pedra Branca comprises 2 villages, namely Pedra Branca and South Ledge.


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