Memories of places

11 May 2011

I enjoy exploring places.

When I was young, my parents would bring me to different parts of Singapore every weekend. After falling in love with maps, travelling became a spin-off interest because I explored many places out of curiosity after seeing maps of that place. These places and trips forms a very important part of my childhood memories, which shapes who I am today.

I like traveling, but yet do not have budget to travel overseas. Therefore I decided to explore Singapore. My first travelling project “3 days tour” was in June 2003. The objective is to explore various neighbourhoods of Singapore in 3 days. It was successful and subsequently I completed 10 such themed tours, the latest in August 2010. These projects expose me to almost every corners of Singapore and I observed that there is a distinct local identity in every neighbourhood.

I am born in 1985 and many familiar places of my childhood where I have fond memories of had disappeared (e.g. Wonderland) or are disappearing (e.g. National Stadium and Oasis); despite childhood been only 10 years ago. Even places that remain experienced significant changes, some to the extreme of unrecognizable (e.g. Haw Par Villa, Parkway Parade and Orchard Road). This causes differences between memories (what is remembered) and reality of a place. I can’t do anything to stop these places from disappearing. Therefore I would like to preserve memory of places.

(extracted from my final year project "M.a.p.")

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