Bukit Batok: Introduction

11 December 2007

Bukit Batok District is located in the West Region; and the district comprises Bukit Batok New Town and Hillview Estate.

Bukit Batok is developed in 1980 as the 12th New Town of Singapore.

The name Bukit Batok was derived from the Malay word "Bukit" which means hill and "Batok" which means cough. The name "Bukit Batok" refers to the blasting noise at the granite quarries, which sounds like the "hills were coughing".

English Name: Bukit Batok
Chinese Name: 武吉巴督
Year of urban development: 1980
Total Area: 1,104 hectares
Neighbourhoods: 10
Population: 143,400
Region: West Region
Heritage Road Corridor: Bukit Timah
Postal District:
2159 (Hume)
2365 (Bukit Batok New Town)
2366 (Hillview Estate)

NS2 Bukit Batok
NS3 Bukit Gombak
DT2 Cashew (under construction)

Pan Island Expressway (PIE)

Bus Interchange:
Bukit Batok Bus Interchange


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