Jurong: Introduction

11 September 2007

Jurong District is located in the West Region; and the district comprises Jurong East New Town, Jurong West New Town, Jurong Industrial Town, Nanyang Estate, Jurong Island Sub-District, Tuas Sub-District and Western Water Catchment (South) Sub-District.

Jurong New Town is developed in 1979 as the 10th New Town of Singapore. It is one of the four mega towns conceived in 1979. Subsequently due to its large land area, Jurong New Town is split into Jurong East New Town (Neighbourhood 1, 2 & 3) and Jurong West New Town (Neighbourhood 4 & 5) along the Jurong Canal.

English Name: Jurong
Chinese Name: 裕廊
Year of urban development: 1962
Total Area: 11,709 hectares
Neighbourhoods: 59
Population: 357,100
Region: West Region
Heritage Road Corridor: Bukit Timah
Postal District:
2260 (Jurong East New Town)
2261 (Jurong Industrial Town East & Taman Jurong)
2262 (Jurong Industrial Town West & Jurong Island Sub-District)
2263 (Nanyang Estate & Tuas Sub-District)
2264 (Jurong West New Town)

EW24 / NS1 Jurong East
EW25 Chinese Garden
EW26 Lakeside
EW27 Boon Lay
EW28 Pioneer
EW29 Joo Koon
EW30 Tuas (under construction)
EW31 Tuas Crescent (under construction)
EW32 Tuas West (under construction)
EW33 Tuas Link (under construction)

Pan Island Expressway (PIE)
Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE)

Bus Interchange:
Boon Lay Bus Interchange
Jurong East Bus Interchange
Tuas Bus Terminal


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