Ang Mo Kio: History

11 May 2007

Ang Mo Kio New Town
Development of Ang Mo Kio New Town commenced in 1973. Full use will be made of the undulating terrain to build flats on different ground levels creating interesting spatial arrangements. Each neighbourhood will be self-contained with a neighbourhood centre complete with shopping facilities, a market, a hawker centre and other community facilities.

Ang Mo Kio has the distinction of being the first new town where New Flats as distinct from the Improved Flats will be built. It is also the first new town to have five-room flats build in slab block form as distinct from the traditional point blocks.

Introduction of the Metric Dimensions
Ang Mo Kio is the first new town to be designed in metric dimensions. Subsequently, the metric dimension design system is being implemented for all New Towns. Due to the success of the metric dimensions design system, the planning of older towns like Woodlands and Bedok were completely overhauled.

Under the metric dimension design system, apartment blocks are numbered in series of hundred (3 digits), with the first digit indicating the neighbourhood. Similarly, streets in each neighbourhood are numbered with 2 digits, with the first digit reflecting the neighbourhood.

The metric dimension design system provides easy orientation. But it is also being criticizes for being boring and a loss of local identity of each neighbourhood.


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