Woodlands: Geography

11 March 2007

Woodlands District is located 24 to 26km north of the City in the North Region. Woodlands District is bounded by Woodlands Road and Pang Sua Canal to the west; Kranji Expressway (KJE) and Mandai Road to the south; Seletar Expressway (SLE), Woodlands Avenue 12 and Woodlands Avenue 10 to the east; Admiralty Road West and Selat Johor to the north. Woodlands also administered Upper Seletar Reservoir, which is within the Central Water Catchment. It covers an area of approximately 4,637 hectares with an estimated population of 248,300 as of June 2011.

Woodlands District comprises 1 New Town (Woodlands), 2 Estates (Kranji and Mandai). Woodlands District also administered Upper Seletar Reservoir of the Central Water Catchment. In total, Woodlands District is sub-divided into 20 neighbourhoods.

Woodlands New Town encompass 1,198 hectares and is divided into 12 neighbourhoods, namely Neighbourhood 1, Neighbourhood 2, Neighbourhood 3, Neighbourhood 4, Neighbourhood 5, Neighbourhood 6, Neighbourhood 7, Neighbourhood 8, Regional Centre, Greenwood, Woodlands East Industrial and Woodlands West Industrial.

Kranji Estate contains 3 neighbourhoods, namely Kranji Estate, Kranji Industrial Estate and Kranji Turf Club.

Mandai Estate contains 4 neighbourhoods, namely Mandai, Gali Batu, Lorong Asrama and Ulu Sembawang.


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