Live Firing Islands

11 December 2006

Pulau Sudong
Pulau Sudong in the Live Firing Area is from tudong meaning a food cover made from matting and the headscarf worn by Malay women. Before being used for military live firing, the island housed a government malaria research station.

Pulau Pawai
Also in the Live Firing Area is Pulau Pawai, meaning cortege suite or train of raja. The island used to be the home of a Teochew market gardening community.

Pulau Senang
Pulau Senang or island of ease and relaxation used to be a penal island and the scene of a riot in 1963, which the superintendent and others were brutally killed. Now part of the Live Firing Area, it has an airstrip for military training.

Pulau Satumu
Pulau Satumu lies at where the Malacca Straits becomes the Singapore Straits, and is the site of Raffles Lighthouse. Standing on the most southerly land in Singapore, the foundation stone was laid by Colonel W.J. Butterworth on 24 May 1984 amid much ceremony from the Freemasons of the Zetland Lodge and a military band.


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