Yishun: Introduction

11 July 2007

Yishun District is located in the North Region; and the district comprises Yishun New Town, Nee Soon Estate, Seletar Sub-District and Simpang Sub-District.

Yishun is developed in 1979 as the 8th New Town of Singapore. It is one of the four mega towns conceived in 1979.

Yishun is planned upon the ring road concept (Yishun Ring Road).

Toponymics: Lim Nee Soon
Yishun is named after Lim Nee Soon (1879 - 1936). Lim Nee Soon was amongst local entrepreneurs who dominated the rubber industry of rural Singapore in the early 20th Century. Lim Nee Soon rubber plantation is at the Sembawang area, where the area later derived its name.

Born in Singapore in 1879, Lim Nee Soon was orphaned at an early age and was brought up by his maternal grandparents. He is nicknamed "Bah Soon" as he is a Peranakan (Baba).

Nee Soon was the first general manager of the Bukit Sembawang Rubber Company Limited that was formed in 1908. He formed Nee Soon and Company in 1911, which initiated the opened up of Sembawang. Lim Nee Soon owns large plot of rubber and pineapple plantation in the area, which earns him the honour of "Pineapple King".

Lim Nee Soon served on the Rural Board from 1913 to 1921, and was appointed a Justice of Peace. He was also one of the founders of Chinese High School and a member of Raffles College Committee. Lim Nee Soon is a close friend of Dr Sun Yat Sen.

English Name: Yishun
Chinese Name: 义顺
Year of urban development: 1979
Total Area: 3,808 hectares
Neighbourhoods: 23
Population: 185,500
Region: North Region
Heritage Road Corridor: Thomson
Postal District:
2677 (Nee Soon)
2678 (Springleaf & Springside)
2776 (Yishun New Town & Khatib)
2783 (Simpang Sub-District)
2879 (Seletar Sub-District)

NS13 Yishun
NS14 Khatib

Seletar Expressway (SLE)
Tampines Expressway (TPE)
North – South Expressway (NSE) (under construction)

Bus Interchange:
Yishun Bus Interchange


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